Inclusion Criteria

  1. Informed consent
  2. ≥18 years of age
  3. Prior resection of glioblastoma confirmed by histology
  4. Glioblastoma pretreated with standard radiotherapy without or with temozolomide
  5. First progression according to RANO criteria
  6. First progression not within 3 months after completion of radiation therapy
  7. Complete removal of contrast-enhancing lesion considered feasible without significant risk ofpermanent speech or motor function according to MRI as confirmed by study eligibilitycommittee after screening and prior to recruitment
  8. No encroachment of the M1 or A1 segments of the medial and anterior cerebral artery on MRI
  9. No contrast enhancement in presumed speech and primary motor areas on MRI
  10. No midlineshift on MRI
  11. No contrast enhancing ventricular spread, multifocal recurrence, meningeosis carcinomatosaor infiltration of the contra-lateral hemisphere on MRI
  12. No contra-indication for surgery
  13. Good functional status (KPS ≥ 70)